About Me

About Me

   “Though I’ve sung my songs
        this whole time through,
   the sweetest voice of all is you”


Born a city boy in 1960, I always longed for the wide open spaces and for
mountains to climb. During my boyhood, my Father's love of adventure and the great outdoors took us on many romantic journeys of his mind, and to some beautiful places together, as I grew into a young man.


I received my first guitar at the age of 14, an awful nylon-strung instrument that was almost impossible to play. Guitars are my passion, and I persevered until now they are the tools that support my main instrument: my voice. My Mother was a beautiful singer and my childhood home was always filled with song; I cannot remember a time when we did not have the radio on, with John Denver, Jim Reeves or Nat 'King' Cole playing. I was in my school choir and sang a few solo pieces during that time.

Despite this, I never really believed in myself and it was my Father's influence and faith in me that inspired me to sing for people. I have been writing songs since I was 18 (many of them rather forgettable!) but I guess I have written perhaps 150 songs over the years.

My music is a very personal thing; through it the listener can perceive vignettes of my own life, experiences, hopes, dreams, fears, sorrows. I do not write songs to order; they come to me and demand to be written! All of my songs are based on things that have affected or influenced me in some way: some recall a lost love, some a lost Father, Mother, friend; others display anger or sorrow at the futility and waste of war or intolerance in our modern society. I firmly believe that the only chance this world has is for each and every one of us to have faith and trust in the next person and to hope and pray that that faith and trust rubs off....a big ask...but perhaps music can bring us together. I have made so many friends - just about every friend I have - through the medium of music. There's a message in there.

I am first and foremost a live performer; my greatest 'buzz' is to hear an audience singing one of my own songs with me. I am inspired by the opportunity to affect people, to take them on a journey inside my mind, in order that they can see the things I see and share my stories.


Various singers and songwriters have influenced and inspired my music, not least John Denver, as a musician, environmentalist and humanitarian. For a few years until recently I was the vocalist/guitarist in a duo called ‘Colorado’, with
Mike Bradbury on keyboards. We specialised in the music of John Denver and played largely to raise funds for charities. David Mallett has also been a serious influence, with his lyrics reflecting my own thoughts and feelings. Other artists that have inspired me over the years are Chris de Burgh and Suzanne Vega. I also like the music of Garth Brooks, Nanci Griffith, Runrig and Lonestar.

The guitars I use most often onstage are the Brook Tamar Custom guitar and a Martin D-42, but I also use a Larrivee OM-09 and OM-05 and a Taylor 514C.

Please check the Events page for any forthcoming performances in your area, or contact me via the Contact page of this website.

Currently playing ‘Who I Am’ from the CD ‘A Life More Beautiful’

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